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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
Have you happened to notice through the years that public transit and cycling don't quite satisfy enough people to continue growing in popularity to a level that would cure congestion and sprawl? And yes I know that you don't see a problem with sprawl, but hopefully you can see that it is a deterrent to biking or taking transit in many places.

What is the problem with appreciating (share) scooters as a transportation option? All they are is a small platform with handbars. The electric ones use a lot less battery-materials and other materials than electric cars, so it is more efficient to produce them in large numbers. They are smaller than bikes and thus easier to stack or otherwise store in large numbers. They have less components so they must be easier to manufacture. Can't you just acknowledge that there are reasons scooters provide an option that bikes can't on a number of levels?
Maybe in the places where you've lived, but not in the places I've lived. Certainly not where I live now.

Yeah sure, the kids up the way have a bit of fun flying down our road on their own scooters and skateboards ... but those are their own scooters and skateboards.

They'd be OK for only very short distances ... and you've got to get back up the hills somehow. Plus just how convenient are they for bringing home the shopping?

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