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As this forum is one of the few places I can think of that'll nerd out about the minutae of handlebars, I'll report back on my first races with Dixie Flyer handlebars.

I definitely had to roll them outward to get the reach I wanted in the drops... But rolling them outward also provided a totally passable sphinx position - an aero top provides a little bit of extra wrist support. However, I felt a little bit scrunched up - and I may have to try a 130mm stem.

I think these are a dual-purpose sprint and enduro bar - it's not really optimized for either, but I think it's quite good at both. There could be a hair more wrist clearance, a hair more reach, and the shape of the aero top isn't quite as refined as Scattos or other things from large companies. But especially for the price, I'm happy this exists.... and I wonder if I should have gotten them in 33. Though then I'd definitely need to get a longer stem, and at that point I don't think I'd clear a bike check, and might need a new frame, and that ain't happenin'.

overall, happy with the purchase.

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