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Originally Posted by fishboat View Post
BBB is reliably low on most bikes, relative to their actual asking/selling price. My ongoing hope with any bike I'm interested in is that the owner is using BBB as their pricing guide. There's a number of threads here on BF discussing the accuracy of BBB. It appears the BBB algorithm assumes all bikes are equal...which isn't true. I just looked up the BBB estimate on a Bridgestone MB-1, 1994(highly sought after bike). It estimates $275. Unless it was in tragically sad condition, I doubt we'll see any MB-1's at priced at $275. I usually see them at $500-$1000(asking).

With respect to Lemonds.. I keep pretty close tabs on CL Lemonds (daily, usually) over WI, MN, IL, IN, IA, & MI and have for several years now. (Morning routine with coffee..some folks read the paper..) I also keep reasonably close tabs on ebay sales..sellers are most often VERY optimistic in pricing, and the (lack of) completed sales indicate this. Ebay pricing has to be high given the fees they charge.

$625 for a spine Zurich, in very good condition cosmetically (I'd expect near new condition) with a sound frame and perfect condition mechanically (fairly common...there's so many bikes out there that have seen minimal miles) is a bit high, but I doubt it would ever go for less than $500, unless the seller hasn't got a clue..which is something we all hope for.. I'd think $550 may be a lowest price an informed seller would go. If he/she doesn't mind waiting too long..they'll probably get $600ish.

Of course, asking/selling prices are regional. On the west coast I'd expect prices to be less as there's so many Lemonds for sale. There has been a covid bump in pricing. I haven't seen it too much in the searching I do, but it does (or did) exist. There's always people that haven't got a clue in the opposite direction...asking $500 for a '90s Trek 820 mtn bike..not going to happen even if it was brand new.
Depends as ebay makes prices global but regional buyers value bikes differently and maybe able take advantage of buying via Craigs List, etc and avoid shipping. I really dont consult BBB as a realistic value guide. Ebay sellers are the market makers and only prices that sold matter, not list prices that go week after week and month after month as unsold.
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