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I can't say which one is better than others because I haven't read all his book. "It's not about the bike." is the only one I have read. I have found it very inspiring and uplifting.

This would be the one book I take with me to the hospital whatever the illness I'd be suffering. In fact, I lent it to a person who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though she is naturally a quick reader, she read a whole book in just a few days. I don't know which way her condition with cancer is really going, often doctors don't give honest opinion but rather optimistic ones. In the situation where she has no hair, about to get her breast removed and no sure of if it's getting any better, anything encouraging will help.

I can't imagine how depressed a person can be when she was told that she has cancer. I only hope this "This guy did it, so can you." book helps her in someway.

By the way, my father suffered stomach cancer and he lost the battle in very short time. It could happen to me someday.
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