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Originally Posted by Carlosss View Post
Don't know about you guys but personally going high up the bankings around the corners in the windup always seems to tire me out. So I've been doing the slow path to the fence kinda thing, only staying at the fence around the corners for the final lap. I think my only issue is that sometimes I try to save too much energy and get too slow to the final back straight and then I lose about 1 km/h in max speed, specially with bigger gears. At the moment I was contemplating to go for 49/13 (102") but like you said if I make sure to to get to the final back straight a few km/h faster and get of the gas as usual around corner 4, I think 51/13 (106") could work out better. Maybe I could even get up to 125 RPM and get a big PR If I go for 49/13 I would have to get to around 130 RPM for a big PR. Mmmm...
From that, I would say you need some fitness work. Don't underestimate how fit you need to be to be a sprinter. I did for too long, and seeing the importance of it now. As for gear, DON'T GO LOWER! Your top speed is on 51/13. Why would you possibly contemplate going lower? You can't get a high average speed (the crux of a F200) without a high top speed. The only reason to go lower would be if you timed efforts and you went slower on the F200 in 51/13, but I would highly doubt that would happen. Stick with it and trust yourself.

Also try and get splits for your effort, including the leading 50m into the F200. Or at least get someone to video it so you can work those out for yourself
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