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Originally Posted by jdon View Post
That's about it. Started by pcad when he posted about his Scott Addict and morphed into a dumping ground. Kind of like a twitter feed.
Ummmm yes and no.

Yes, Pcad started it about his Scott Addict and the addiction we all have to bikes, and it morphed over time into an off-topic catch-all thread where anything can be discussed (except P&R, of course). Instead of being a dumping ground, it became sort of a clubhouse where a group of guys could come and shoot the breeze about all kinds of stuff with guys they knew - like a Foo inside of the Road Forum.

And then guys are always free of course to venture into the rest of Road Forum for all the other tasty bike topics, then hop back and forth at will. But for a certain group of guys, day in and day out, Addiction thread is home base, the clubhouse. There's a nice camaraderie in there, a bunch of mature guys who mostly respect one another and lean on one another. I threatened them with infractions so they had to like me, but lets keep that between us.

So unless an uproar of dissension arises between now and 11, I guess we'll keep the name Pub 51. I understand some of you have reservations and misgivings and doubts - the natural order of things when changes are made. But give it a chance and try it out, I'm sure you'll like it. And feel free to drop by the Addiction thread any time - a decent group of guys and gals. And I hope I'm welcome over here as well . . . Lord knows I'm qualified chronologically.
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