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Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind View Post
But he threads that were complained about had NO cycling content!

The members "insulted" in that thread were not insulted enough to complain.

Dang. We're darned if we do, darned if we don't. What would you do in our situation when there are so many complaints? We are trying to please the majority. Either way we are the bad guys. We don't like to stir up negative feelings or throw a spoke in the wheels but seriously, we are up in arms here. That is why I asked if a whole new FORUM not related to Bike Forums should be started. I got no answers!! Help us out here.
Almost everyone here knows that being a mod is a thankless job that almost none of us would ever want. Part of the problem right now is few, if any currently posting have any clue what prompted Tom's post. And then we get a thread on wheat and fat moved to FOO. I could have understood moving it to nutrition (and I would not have commented at that move), but FOO?

I think Pub 51 will be a less than useful thread, but give it a try. But I strongly suggest not cutting off, moving or telling anyone to take their topic to Pub 51.

Now I am going to out a BF member for a violation that he did not know he committed. Please leave him alone and do not mess with his threads. I already alerted him of the violation.

The returning 50+ member started a thread in 50+ titled:

"Recommendations for a Touring Bike for the Plus 50"

Someone immediately jumped in and gave alittle advice but also told the poster (in a nice way) it should be taken to the touring forum. The returning member started almost the exact thread in the touring forum.

Guess what, the touring forum is a little burnt out on "what touring bike" threads, so they have five replies touching a little on the OP concerns.

Now look at the 18 50+ replies. Are not the 50+ responses much broader and more useful to the OP. See why we like 50+ the way it is and sometimes have a valid reason for having our threads here, even if they might fit the subject of other forums?
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