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To CB Hi: What prompted my post as to cliquishness is that 50+ has gotten cliquish, simply put. You don't see it because you are inside. I am also 50+, but view things from other perspectives and am constantly performing sociological analysis on ALL the forums to keep them interesting and manage conflict levels to keep them from getting out of hand or from getting too vanilla. My backgound is Social Psychology and Sociology and Philosophy of Mind, by the way and essentially, what I am is a Cultural Analyst.

OK, Fooish threads can stay in here.....I really don't have a problem with that.

Sometimes if a thread is more relevant to other forums, we are going to move them. If it's also particularly topical, we have an option to move a copy of the thread and leave the original. That may be an interesting solution, because then the posters can read both and see more than one dominant point of view on a particular topic. If we clone the thread, we will leave a link posted in to the original, as well to direct you to that thread as well.

If it goes political, that WILL be moved to P&R.

If it gets nasty and insulting, the nasty, insulting posts will be split from the thread and set into their own thread in the real dumping ground of Bikeforums.....Trollheim, where I keep my tame trolls and political prisoners that can ONLY see Trollheim because they're locked up in the dungeon until they earn their way back into society.

I believe we are now in a 'nuff said" point on this topic. I've explained things as clearly as I can.

As to Pub 51, yeah, it's a good Fooish 50+ Off Topic thread, so yeah...and when it gets too big to load properly, we'll just close it and open a new version, just like we do with Addiction.
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