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I had to go to Wally World today (and was dreading every minute of it). Luckily, there were not too many people there, but the ones that were, were not social-distancing. I almost went full-Karen on the store manager because they had one woman- who looked to be in her late seventies- walking around in her street clothes, only wearing a pair of nitrile gloves, wiping down the electronic equipment with a wash cloth she occasionally dipped into a bucket of liquid in her cart. I asked her which disinfectant she was using. It turned out to be their normal cleaner than they use on everything all the time, the main ingredient being 6.5% ammonium hydroxide, which I sincerely hope I am wrong in thinking that it has not been found effective against covid.
"Well, I have to use what they give me. It's what we use all the time and there's really nothing better out there. Anyway, what does it matter? They haven't found anything that will kill the virus, have they?" She said to me. And came back to me, a little defensive like I was attacking her. I wasn't, I fully understood that she had to do what her employer said.
"Um, 10% bleach works just fine. That has been shown to work multiple times. Good luck to you, ma'am." I hope that got her to start questioning some things, but I doubt she's in a position to do so.
I just in that moment could not comprehend a way I could have a coherent conversation with the store manager without ending up on the news or part of a viral video. Still feel guilty about it, though, I probably should have tried to say something to someone higher up.
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