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Originally Posted by delbiker1 View Post
What works, or makes sense, to one person does not correlate to another. Do it the way that works for you and let another do it the way that works for them. Why even "bother" patching a tube on the side of the road. Just throw a new tube in, pump it up and be on your way. Does it "make sense" to have to search for the leak, there just may be more than one. There is simply no "upside" to patching a tube on the road when you can save a few minutes with a new tube and do the patch at home. ????
For myself and most others I ride with, the patch kit is there for occasions where you get multiple flats on one ride and don't have any spare tubes left.When you put in long distances this is a not uncommon occurrence. So yes, there is a significant upside.

Also, as noted by @canklecat, if the flat location is obvious it's often quicker to just pull a small section of tube out and patch it instead of going through the rigamarole of pulling the entire tube out and replacing.

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