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Originally Posted by cb400bill View Post
Any new suggestions for 27" tires?
Iím not going to read back over the thread history, but I have over 4,000 commuting miles on a pair of Bontrager T1s, $20/pc at the LBS, in 27 x 1 1/4. I didnít get many flats, they have excellent traction wet and dry, and at around a pound per tire theyíre far from the heaviest out there. Great value. 100psi rating, I generally rode them between 70-80. Theyíre a little dead feeling below that. They were starting to show some cracking so I replaced them, wanted to try some Paselas for a long time but couldnít kill the T1s.

Paselas are wonderful tires but I donít have enough miles on my pair to comment on durability. This time I got 27 x 1 1/8, wire bead, black sidewall, $25/pc at my LBS. I have no idea what pressure I have in them, my gauge quit a month ago and I havenít replaced it, but Iím pretty sure theyíre less than 70-80. I figure so long as I donít pinch flat theyíre OK, and I havenít yet, and they are still so fast and comfortable. Amazing tires really.

Edit: for reference (re pressures) Iím around 180 lbs.

Later edit: I first clicked on go to last page so I didnít see the updated list on the first page. Sorry then that I didnít have any new options to give. But please consider my post an endorsement for the sticky status of the thread as I am one of many who enjoy 27Ē wheel bikes and there are still a lot of them left to enjoy as long as we can still get nice tires. And also the tires I mentioned really are still nice tires for the $$.

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