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c-cat,... Interesting topic.

On my 56cm frames, I run either a 70mm Cinelli or an 80mm modern stem, including a 56cm Ironman.
On my 54cm frames, I run a 90mm stem, including a 54cm Ironman.

To me, the 56cm bikes are more stable, even descending twisties.

Last weekend, on many curving descents, I had to focus harder to stay smooth and graceful on the 54cm Raleigh with a 90mm stem. One of my recurring thoughts was "I'd be carving this up on my Ironman." At the beginning of some descents, I felt like I was too far forward.

(On my 53cm Serotta, I run a 95mm stem, and it's still too short for my liking.)

I find it interesting. I'm not sure what seems to overrule what, as far as size vs. geometry vs. stem length. My 56cm Super Corsa, with a 90mm stem, was too twitchy to ride. The geometry had me "up on it" way more than I preferred.

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