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Robbie and I are about the same size with the same body dimensions. I am heavier, though. He has the talent and the good looks, and I have the charming personality. I also run 80ish stems on the 56s and 90ish stems on the 54s. The reason is that I want my weight between the axles. If that weight gets forward out over the front fork/wheel the handling really suffers. It feels like I have a flat on the front or the brake is dragging. My advice is to find the position you like the best on any of your bikes. After you find it take some measurements and write them down. Use those measurements to duplicate the position on all of the bikes you have. The 3 measurements I take are:

Middle of BB/crankbolt up the ST to the top of the saddle
Middle of BB/crankbolt in a straight line to the middle of the handlebars/stem
Front/nose of saddle to the middle of the handlebars/stem

After that you can fine tune it by moving the saddle back or forward if you need to. It works for me.
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