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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
It seems like the first cold ride each fall leaves me thinking, "why am I doing this? This is dumb." Then I let one or two riding opportunities pass, because of the chill. Then I get cranky at being cooped up. Finally, I'll bundle up and venture out again... and it's not so bad. Somewhat enjoyable, even.

...and then, in MN, it gets really cold and I get on the trainer like any sensible person should.
When I lived in the PNW, by the middle of November it had been gray and/or raining for sixty days and I'd complain and my mom would say "Why don't you just move to Arizona and we'll all be happier?" Having spent two years and somehow three summers here, her reasoning no longer makes sense. I'm no Belgian hard man but up north you put on more clothes and unless it's completely nasty you go out. (My standard for that is lower than LoP's but I've gone out in the rain and wind especially if there were cheesy grits involved.) Unless you like to ride at 5am, it is going to be in the 90s+ most of the year down here and it's tough to dress for that. Plus the drivers are nuttier. I bet they sell a lot of trainers.
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