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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
HE: I'm looking for the drink holder. I know you gotta have one.
ME: Right there (gesture at bottle cage)
HE: Alllll right! No, I meant for a margarita!
ME: Ah, that'd be nice
Why didn't you mention your surgery? Make him feel like a jerk..

I had a little bit of a go (as the Brits say) at some dude this morning. As I'm going past at low speed he suddenly starts pulling over to the right, into the shoulder/parking lane, completely cutting me off. So of course I have to brake hard and move over, before going back around him.

As I go by I yell something about using a blinker (which he obviously didn't) to which he replied with the finger. Now, I normally just keep going in situations like this, but something about this guy inspired me to stop. He rolls down the window, I said something else about his attitude regarding his dangerous driving (including some expletives), and his response was, "Bro, I was only going like 5 miles an hour." So of course that just made it that little bit worse, and I really laid into him (many more expletives) to the point that a delivery guy standing nearby gave me a big smile and a nod as I rode off. Call it pointless if you will, but I'm pretty sure that guy is going to be more thoughtful about signaling and looking for bikes.
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