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Bikes: 2016 Specialized Sirrus Elite Carbon

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New 2016 Sirrus Elite Carbon

Hi, (first post here!)
Been riding since I lost the training wheels, and just got my first new bike in 21 yrs-- 2016 Sirrus Elite Carbon. Gorgeous, and makes my 1994 Trek 7600 look like a 70's Schwinn 10-speed! (But it's going to a good home and will be a treat for my nephew who hasn't ridden in years).
I'm in my mid 60's and just enjoy cruising on the paths and Greenbelts. Really like this bike, much smoother than what I've been riding (with its 23c tires), and the bars, shifters and drivetrain are a world apart.
Somewhat disappointed in the weight-- thought it would be a bit lighter than it feels. I know the discs add to it, but wonder if the wheels aren't adding quite a bit.

So...This is probably the last bike I'll ever buy (until I totally vedge out and go electric) and figure to upgrade some things over the next couple of years. Could use any advice in regard to lightening the load (not including the rider!).
I'd like to raise the bars a bit-- not bother with the stem, if that's even possible, but is there a carbon option with a higher rise?
I'd pony up for the carbon seatpost that's standard with the Pro Carbon, if that makes a difference in weight and comfort.
What about the wheels? What are my options there? I don't have 3 large for carbon wheels, but are the Axis 4.0 Disc any better/lighter? Would 28c tires make any noticeable difference?
Should I save up for the FSA SL-K carbon crankset that's stock for the Sirrus Pro Carbon?
Thanks in advance for your expert advice!
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