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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Interesting bike. I dont say funky geometry often, but if you found the Blue brand bike to have wonky geometry, this Breezer is what I see as funky too.

your bikes
2014 Cannondale SuperSix - 73* HTA, 558mm stack, 395mm reach, 975mm wheelbase, 405 chainstays
2017 Raleigh Tamland - 71.5* HTA, 581mm stack, 383mm reach, 1043mm wheelbase, 440mm chainstays

Small Breezer- 71.5HTA, 553mm stack, 380mm reach, 1007mm wheelbase, 430mm chainstay
Medium Breezer- 72HTA, 566mm stack, 384mm reach, 1017mm wheelbase, 430mm chainstay
Large Breezer- 72HTA, 590mm stack, 387mm reach, 1023mm wheelbase, 430mm chainstay

What size do you think you would ride based on the geometry? The medium cuts pretty solidly right between your Cdale and Raleigh and you were looking for something thats a mix of those two bikes. Could be a really great option for you.

As for the wonkyness-
- the smallest 3 frame sizes have 5-8cm more stack height than seattube length. Then the largest has only 3.6cm more stack height.
- the reach difference between a 51cm Medium frame and a 60cm XXL frame is only 1cm. 1 cm difference of reach though its 3 sizes larger.
It's so dang wonky I'm questioning whether the measurements are even correct. Their recommendation would put me on a Large but if there is significant steerer I could see the Medium working.

edit: Apparently Sheel's in Des Moines carries them, wanna go check it out?
2014 Cannondale SuperSix EVO 2
2015 Cannondale SuperX Hi-Mod

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