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Originally Posted by BluesDawg View Post
The name Cosmic Stallion is an obvious evolution of Space Horse. The geometry is not an exact match, but is pretty similar. The CS does have rear rack mounts. The specs and geometry of all their bikes is posted on the All-City website.
Looking forward to your review and stock weight. I have no issue with the AC branding..or reputation, whatever, lol. I bought a SH cause I liked the bike, and I like working with my LBS that builds up a fair amount of AC has worked quite well as a comfortable all-arounder/tour bike. In my quest for N+many, I would like to have a lighter frame/carbon fork, maybe disc brake bike with endurance geometry. I hadn't thought my SH technically was endurance geo, but with the steerer uncut, that type of fit was achieved. I thought glancing over the geo for the CS, that it would fit very similarly to the SH, ie, I'd need to make sure the steerer remained uncut to achieve the upright position I'd likely want for it.
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