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[QUOTE=HLW;20047053]What are your thoughts on the Thunder Burt's? They seem to be really popular among 650b bikes. Do you ride mainly gravel or do you like to do some trail/singletrack too? Were you able to clear the 2.1 on a Renegade or did you run them on another bike?

The Terrene's have been great so far. I have the light casing version set up tubeless on a set of American Classic Wide Lightning's. I'm 160lbs and for my weight have found 30 front, 35 rear psi to be good for road and gravel and 25/30 good for trail riding. Much lower than that and they start to squirm during hard cornering. They performed a lot better on the trail than I expected, even with the leaf cover and damp conditions, they didn't really spin out, especially if you remain seated. On pavement they don't roll as well as a slick, but there's no vibration or noise like with a nobby.

Too bad the Renegade doesn't offer a 650b option like Kona does with the Rove, it makes the bike so much more capable off road.

I am in first gravel bike buying mode now and plan to test ride a Kona Rove NRB over Christmas break. At $1,700 though I don't see any difference in components over the $1,200 Expat, except for the 650Bs. Not saying the Rove is a bad buy but it seems the Expat is a great buy.
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