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I've had good gym sessions over this past week. I've got my exercise "circuits", sets, figured out and I've now settled into a good routine. I am religious about stretching and rolling out before I start each set, and I do a lengthy roll out and stretch routine after I finish my gym work. My back is getting stronger, the back lifts I do on the inclined bench really feel good. That added strength has allowed me to increase the weights on the machines when I get to that portion of the set. I did 250 pounds two leg on the leg press machine today, and I've increased the weights on the calf lifts and glute machines, too. I haven't set a goal for a "weight to achieve", because I have no idea what would be appropriate. And, as well, I'm looking to increase my power while preserving my spin, so I'm reasonably sure that I don't want to go too far with the weights. Still, being stronger should pay off!
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