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Originally Posted by sarals View Post
I've had good gym sessions over this past week. I've got my exercise "circuits", sets, figured out and I've now settled into a good routine. I am religious about stretching and rolling out before I start each set, and I do a lengthy roll out and stretch routine after I finish my gym work. My back is getting stronger, the back lifts I do on the inclined bench really feel good. That added strength has allowed me to increase the weights on the machines when I get to that portion of the set. I did 250 pounds two leg on the leg press machine today, and I've increased the weights on the calf lifts and glute machines, too. I haven't set a goal for a "weight to achieve", because I have no idea what would be appropriate. And, as well, I'm looking to increase my power while preserving my spin, so I'm reasonably sure that I don't want to go too far with the weights. Still, being stronger should pay off!
The goal is to get stronger every week! Any improvement in strength should enable the oppurtunity to ride faster.
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