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Originally Posted by Allegheny Jet View Post

Made it to Detroit last night. Rode 90 minutes of open riding then did 2/3rds of the structered training session. Myself and two others hope to make this a weekly activity. Next week I plan to do some strength work and starts during the open riding then partake in the structured training.

I also have to get a new cadence and speed sensor for my Garmin as the GPS is wonky in the bubble.
I need to get cracking. I like your commitment to the track - Medina to Detroit is 2:45 drive. My drive to Carson is at best 1:50 - LA traffic. Last year, the San Diego Velodrome was closed so I drove to Carson once or twice per week.

I am putting some endurance back in my legs. I am pretty sure that doing so will not make me faster sprinting but is definitely more fun, healthier and will improve my recovery capability.

Last week, I did two endurance track workouts and two endurance road rides. The track workouts were at Carson on the 250 track. I did do some jumps.

This was a structured session and we had a group of 12 racers with a coach. After our warmup, the coach organized a workout by splitting the group into an A and B groups - fast and not as fast.

The goal was for the A group to entice a rider from the B group to take a lap on the field (the field was defined as the coach on a motor at 24 mph). The A group had to take a lap solo first which would score one point. After that, an A would have to take a lap with a B on his/her wheel. That would score two points for the A and two points for the B.

The coach was on the motor at the relief line which is halfway up the track. One could ride with the motor in a pace line or take laps or both. The game was on for 30 minutes. After the finish, we tallied up our points.

An A rider would approach from below and ask if a B rider wanted to take a lap. The A would lead and then the two would dive from the relief line to the pole lane. Many times two or three two person teams would dive off the relief line and take a lap.

I did several laps with different A racers. Review of my post ride data showed the speed was typically 28 mph when taking a lap. Alas, I was in the B group.. It was a good workout and skill building exercise. We did a second set at 20 minutes. I rode in 90.6 gear inches or 47/14.

The next training session two days later, we did was the same but we had a few different riders and motor speed was faster 25 -26 mph making taking a lap harder as well as sitting in. This time we did 2 sets of 30 minutes and I geared up for the second set to 94.6.
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