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Originally Posted by Sakriv View Post
I contacted Jamis for clarification on the Renegade Escapade's fork clearance after seeing your post and they said "the fork is the same fork that we have been using and will fit 700x42 and 650x47 tires," but they asked me for a picture facing the front of your bike, and also want to know what size frame you have and what size tires those are in your pictures (I hope you don't mind that I showed them your pic from this thread and also the one you posted in the Modern Steel Road Bike Appreciation Thread). I already told them you said 700x35 but I guess they want to confirm. I will pass along the frontal picture, frame size, and tire size info to Jamis if you post them. I can't send you a private message because I'm under 10 posts.
I like how you joined in 2011, but this is your first post.
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