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@Allegheny Jet the gym IS paying off. My back is getting stronger, as are my legs, and I felt both today at the track.

Nice photo, AJ! I like your bike and choice of wheels! How did you like Detroit? It looks really nice in the photos and videos I've seen.

I'll be at VSC next week. I'll be doing a few open sessions (maybe a Roger's Session, if I get brave), and then the LAVRA TT on Sunday. Maybe someone will step up and want to do a team sprint with me? We'll see.
@Hermes, I hope to see you and MEA at VSC!

Today I worked out at Hellyer. I rode the FFWD wheelset I out together as my "training wheelset" for VSC, Vittoria Pista Evo tires - good on wood. Those wheels are sweet. Besides being beautiful to look at, they're light and they spin up really fast. I have an F5R on the front and an F9T on the rear. I warmed in 47/15 (82 inches), and did my efforts in 90 inches. I did three slow roll standing starts, at 100% (sprints are always all in), shutting down at 100 meters. After a rest, I did three flying 200 entries, shutting down coming out of turn two just prior to the 200 meter line. I felt quite good, my stronger back was really telling.

Good week! I'm looking forward to next week. It'll be my first time back on the boards since Worlds.
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