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Good to see you are back in the saddle Racer Ex!

We went back to Detroit on Tuesday for some indoor riding. We left late after one guy asked if we could leave 30' later than intended then he came to our meeting point 45" after that. The AH didn't even apologize, just said "the meeting took longer that I anticipated". He's not invited to join us again on the next trip. We got to the velodrome later than intended and only had 45' of open riding before the organized training session started which was essentially a practice for the grand opening races to be held this weekend.

My training goal for the day was to measure any increase in strength in 5" max watts during a seated jump, 10" OTS start watts and 30" watts after a flying start from the top bank. I intended to do two reps of each. Because I only had about 25' to accomplish all that which included a WU, I could only do one rep of each, but not the flying lap, with limited recovery and track space as others were filling the track. The limited results were encouraging as I got into four digits on the 5" seated jump, and on the OTS start had a max of just over 1,400 watts and just under 1,000 watts for the 10" max.

After that I did the 100 lap group rollup but could not stay with the A guys for much of the last 20 hot laps on the black line.(neither did over half of the others) I also did one simulated 30 lap scratch race with a B group just to get more riding time in. I really don't want to drive 2.25 hrs to do a tempo group ride with others as I can ride tempo on the trainer anytime. It's kinda of cool to see that I averaged 26.4 mph for 22' on the rollup but don't think it helped my training plan.

Next week when we drive up to Detroit we are leaving at 1:30 regardless of who is not at the meeting place.
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