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Gentlemen, we understand how these events may come as a surprise to many of you, but please take note of the solicitation section of the Forum Rules, below.

Please refrain from using Bike Forums to promote your "crowdfunding campaign" (kickstarter/indiegogo), commercial services or website, or to advertise items for sale. If you are a Premium Member (Titanium or Red Star), you may attach a short link to your own blog or personal site within your profile or signature to your market items in our marketplace forums here (private sales only, no ebay auctions or online storefronts), or to a noncommercial website that you specifically own. Free members are not allowed sig links for their sites.

So our actions are hardly “arbitrary and capricious”. The guidelines are clear, you cannot conduct commercial marketing activities or promote your commercial products on these forums. We are sorry this has been allowed to go on for so long, leading many members to believe these types of operations are acceptable. They are not.

Alternatively, commercial operators have the option of signing up as a paid advertiser on these forums as scores of others do. That’s how this site exists, through paid advertising. Look around you at how few of you users bother with a paid, premium membership . . . we surely cannot run a forum on that! So to allow some businesses free access to our membership while others have to pay is just not reasonable.

Thanks for your concern and understanding in this matter.
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