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Originally Posted by smallboats View Post
The front hinge fork lock hopefully uses a spring to maintain constant clockwise rotational pressure to keep the lock from vibrating loose, or vibrating to the open position.
I haven't found anything on the web which matches your description.
Do you have a link to images?
As I understand the front fork lock, it uses a long inner sliding tube which moves from the pivoting lower fork into the upper non-pivoting portion of the fork, thereby locking them together. The helical spring applies an axial upward force under this sliding tube to ensure engagement.
Rotational force on the lower leg is handled by a mechanical interlock between the upper & lower fork sections, with help from the hinge. This looks more vibration resistant than any other other folding fork design I've seen.

It seems weird to call it a "fork" when it has only one leg.
Oh, terminology is odd to us outsiders.
The rear swing arm will be loose and rattling with the current design. The rear latch does not pull the swing arm tight against the frame. It only prevents it from swinging open. Because of this design, the play in the rear helical hinge and the play in the retaining latch will create a shaky and rattling bike. With mild engineering revisions this can be resolved.
If the geometry of the latch engagement surfaces is right, it would have no slop.
Do you have access to more detailed design info than I can find?
The contractor who fabricated the bicycle seen on the Helix website has pictures of the parts they built: htps:// <--Link broken: I am a new poster. Add a 't' to https
The pix in this link show only prototype parts.
I'd expect the production designs to differ.
...the developer is out of money or on his way to being out of money. With no money and no products being sold, this is a non-sustainable venture.
As production begins, many of us will be paying the balance due. This will be a big cash infusion.
So short run sustainability looks achievable. A higher retail price will make the long term profitable for a bike which should have tremendous appeal worldwide.
I don’t see this funding campaign as a KickScam. It is a KickFail due to unrealistic price projections, obvious manufacturing challenges and inept project management. The Helix folding bike is a great design backed by good intensions from a person who is way out of his skill set. The developer is aware of this thread. This is good, as this means he will eventually read this post. It is my hope that he soon pulls the plug and walks away from this failure with lessons learned and partners with an overseas manufacturer to construct a revised design using more appropriate materials.
You hope for abandonment?
Criminy, aren't you a ray of sunshine for us!

As I promised another poster, I offer my personal guarantee to all.
If Helix fails, I'll post an image of a refund.

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