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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a 2018 Expat size 61. I got to take a short test ride before buying it (felt good during the ride), but was slightly concerned about the reach. It's a stretch!! The guy helping me at the LBS of course reassured that things could be readjusted etc etc, and I plan on getting a full blown professional fitting beyond just the basics asap. He also said that when he sizes people who are between sizes, he recommends the smaller frame if the buyer plans on racing or the larger for general riding.

Once I got home, I took it on a 2.5 mile ride and it reiterated my concern as I felt I was reaching too much and my upper/lower back had some discomfort. I should point out that I am NOT use to a drop bar bike. This is my first one. I've only owned flat bar hybrids and mountain bikes. I'm sure this is something I will need to get use to.

This leads to a few questions...

Would changing the stock 110mm stem to a 90mm significantly improve my reach so I don't have the discomfort? I know comfort is subjective, but does 20mm make a significant difference?

Or would down sizing to a 58 (if the shop is willing) be my only option if swapping the stem doesn't work?

The reach between the 61 vs 58 is only about 1cm difference which leads me to believe the 61 could be adjusted better for me.

I'm 6'2.5" 190# and wear 34 inseam pants

I'm somewhat of a noob with this stuff so I apologize in advance if all of this sounds dumb. I would really appreciate others thoughts. Thanks!!!
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