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"YMMV" is the takeaway I'm getting from your comments. My 58 cm Renegade Escapade feels perfect except I'd like those Ultegra R8020 hoods about 2 cm closer to to me horizontally, which the stem change will fix. I figured I'd share my height and inseam to give prospective buyers a clue on sizing, but I see that could be misleading because there are other measurements and factors at play like flexibility and intended use. No substitute for getting a fitting done with a close look at every geometry difference. I didn't notice how much the head tubes would change until the shop owner pointed it out during my fitting, and since I didn't want an aggressively aerodynamic posture, he suggested I get the 58 cm over the 56 and just replace the 110 mm stem with a 90 mm, which was spot on.
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