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Originally Posted by TiHabanero View Post
Been fighting it for almost a year now. My wife dealt with it for a year and finally stretched her way out of it. The doc told her the only cure is continuously stretching. I started stretching last summer and lately I have started using some Yoga poses twice a day to stretch things out and it is really working well. Saturday I worked all day on my feet and had minimal pain afterwards. Try it, you'll like it!
Originally Posted by HardyWeinberg View Post
It's worth going to a physical the****** who knows athletes for this kind of thing; I did and she diagnosed me with a pretty different set of muscular condition than my own googling or family doc had come up with (same effect, tight muscles and plantar fasciitis, just different cause). Because she was correct about what was up with me, I had a different set of stretches to do for recovery than what I had otherwise thought I needed.

Also, for me, I guess I was lucky, this whole thing came from trying to mix running with cycling; I never had to stop riding, just give up the running, and that is not a loss for me...
Originally Posted by jskash View Post
The best stretch for me when I had plantar fasciitis was to stand on the edge of a a raised porch, a curb, or something raised and lower my heels down.
+1 on the above comments.

I find a Naprosyn, Aleve, to be more effective than Ibuprofen, when a little senioritis sets in.
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