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Its only pain
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Originally Posted by GetUpnGo View Post
My doctor said yes, the PF was caused by my hip replacement. My PT had a great explanation for how it happened, but I forget what it was. In my case the operated hip came out 1/4" longer, which changed the stresses and my gait and caused hip bursitis.

It sounds like your job is greatly contributing to this. Can you take a steel water bottle to work and roll your foot on it several times a day? Can you stand on a rubber pad as someone suggested?

Have you had ultrasound therapy on your heel? That helped me.
I am really looking forward to the day I no longer will be working long days on my feet on concrete! My knees, hips, and back will rejoice the day my retirement begins. Unfortunately that day is still a ways down the road. I am finding I now need to take better care of those joints with plenty of stretching, which I am a little bit of a slacker when it comes to doing. I am getting better, tho!
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