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Having a little weight in back may not be a bad thing for training. Obviously it will work you a little differently, but you will still get in your exercise. Perhaps like a bit extra hill climbing.

The Thule Chariot trailers are also very nice, and adaptable for multi-sport.

One thing I'd worry a bit about is the high speed thing.

I tow a trailer for cargo a fair amount. I've flipped my trailer 3 or 4 times.
  • Hit curb separating a right turn lane, going pretty quick down the road.
  • Hit a curb cut entering a bike path at speed, and one wheel hit the curb.
  • Flipped it on a pothole... also at speed.
  • Oh, and I whacked the trailer axle into some dang temporary guardrail in a construction zone. Stopped me cold. Whew!!!
I suppose if the kid is well strapped and buckled in, with a helmet, then flipping the kid may not be the worst thing in the world, but it would probably leave a little lump in your stomach, perhaps more than that of the kid.
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