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The author makes no mention of the medication that is reputed to make a big difference in the length and severity of the outbreak. I went online and saw acyclovir (Zoirax), Famciclovir (Famvir) and Valacyclovir (Valtrex).

I do not recall the medication I was prescribed when I was diagnosed at age 58, nor do I know what my grandmother was prescribed but our experience is relevant here.

Long ago my great aunt had a bout with shingles. She knew of the medication but had her life changed forever by a botched surgery and did not trust the medical world. She suffered horribly for months. Her sister acquired shingles and knowing that story, promptly went to the doctor, got the medication and went through the shingles in weeks. I did not know those stories when I noticed a line of spots along a rib as I dressed to ride home from work. Stopped at Medical on the way out. The nurse immediately diagnosed the shingles and said I had 24 hours to get that medication and that she wasn't letting me leave until I had made the doctor's appointment. Went straight to the doctor after work the next day. Same diagnosis, just as fast. Was prescribed the medication and told my next stop was the pharmacy - no plans were more important - and that I was to immediately take my first dose. I did, A week later I was feeling a little better. Better still a week later, Missed no work. Not fun, but not a nightmare either.

See the spots? Act fast! Get to the doctor. Don't let him not address shingles. (I've heard of people being misdiagnosed other things who then had to go through h*** because they missed that little window.)

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