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Okay, I didn't read this whole thing so feel free to rip me apart for covering something that has already been covered.

My mountain bike is an older 3x8. When riding on the trail I typically use the smaller inner chain ring. Very occasionally do I kick up to the middle chain ring. If I had a little more range with a 10 or 11 speed cassette, I wouldn't need anything more than a 1x. This bike is a dedicated trail bike that never sees anything besides single track.

A cyclocross bike is designed for similar use and also doesn't need the additional range that a 2x provides. This is why many current cyclocross bikes are 1x drives.

Finally, a gravel bike is intended for a greater range of use and needs the low end of a mountain bike while also needing the higher end of a hybrid for riding & commuting on tarmac. With cassettes adding more and more cogs, a 2x can achieve similar gears to an older 3x drive.
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