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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
I always thought that semi-metallic, metallic and sintered were just names for the same thing.

The same with resin and organic.

Two types of pads - resin/organic vs semi-metallic/metallic/sintered.

That's my understanding.

Oh wait. There is also ceramic.
sintered pads are mostly metallic, semi-metallic have a lower proportion of metal and more organic material. Even organic/resin pads have a small amount of metallic compounds mixed in. Usually seen more on the MTB side
Downhill high temp
Suitable for downhill racing
Excellent in wet & muddy conditions
Superior performance at high temps
Virtually unaffected by rain or snow
Exceptional pad life

XC & trail
Suitable for cross-country & trail
All-round performance
Good performance at high or low temps
Great pad life
Quieter than sintered pads

Commuter & city
Suitable for commuter & city use
Good performance at low temps
Good pad life
Low rotor wear
Extremely quiet
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