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Unfortunately there is a bit of a hole in the 650c offerings. You're probably looking at kid's bikes.

I saw a little Giant, in 24" (520 ISO), I think. They may have 650c. I don't see one listed.

There is a Fuji Ace 650c. It is one of the cheapest of the kid's bikes, but perhaps could be upgraded.

Felt apparently has a few too, a bit of a step up from the Fuji bikes.

Trek used to make a 650c Madone, but I think it has been out of production for a number of years.

There is also a 650c Trek 1000.

I'd keep an eye on E-Bay. There appear to be a few Trek 1000's that are showing up. Here are a few of the more interesting bikes I see a the moment. Or, wait to see what shows up over time.

This TiCycles bike looks like it would be a SWEET bike.

Also this Trek 5000 (early 2000's)

Trek 5200, also early 2000's.

Giant OCR

Pretty old Cannondale. Missing a lot of stuff, but all the important stuff is there, and you could upgrade to your own specs.

Felt F95

I'd avoid the TT/Triathlon bikes, or at least be very wary of them as they may well have a bit wonky of geometry, sized for large riders with low bars.
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