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Best single effort on an HC climb, 696VAM (998M of gain in 16.4km.) I can manage high 800s / low 900s on Cat 2 and 3. I can't dig a decent number out of Veloviewer for a Cat 1, as it has an errored starting elevation on my top segment (so it thinks I climbed from sea level, and gives me a 1,440VAM) Overall, day in and day out, typical pacing will put me 625-650VAM.

To decide the category of a climb Strava multiplies the length of the climb (in meters) with the grade of the climb. If that number is greater than 8000 then it is a categorized climb.
  • Cat 4 > 8000
  • Cat 3 > 16000
  • Cat 2 > 32000
  • Cat 1 > 48000
  • HC (Hors Categorie) > 64000
If it takes 10 minutes, it's probably not an actual climb. Or you have a VAM of like 2,000.
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