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It's absolutely relevant, as Strava won't show a VAM unless the climb is categorized. So if the segment is very short, it's going to be very steep. As a score of 8,000 is the minimum for a Cat 4, if it's 1,000m long, it has to average over 8%. I've averaged ~1,200VAM on climbs like that, but the entire Cat 1 or HC effort is usually around 700VAM.

I'm usually below the halfway point on the leaderboards on big climbs, in the neighborhood of 1,400/2,500 or 1,600/2,700. Until I sort by weight, anyway. Then it's like 200/500 or even 40/170. It's not lost on me that the 200-224 category makes up less than 10% of efforts on local HC climbs.
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