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Had a breakout of Shingles in Feb '17, as a result of Chemotherapy wiping out my immune system. Struck a nerve on the left side of my face with rashes from my lip to the top of my bald head. Add a nice case of thrush that made my tongue completely white on one side and I looked like a Batman villain. Added Acyclovir to the dozen or so meds I was already on, but cant really say if it helped. Luckily it stayed out of my eye, but I lost about 80% of the hearing in my ear. (Don't tell my wife that it's mostly back) Still have scars on my cheek from the deepest rash.

The rashes cleared after a month or so, and then the Post-herpetic Neuralgia set in. Like hot needles in my ear drum and cheek bone, the nerve pain lingered forever. The left side of my mouth still feels numb most of the time, 2 years later. It's gone from unrelenting and nearly incapacitating, to something I mostly ignore now. Of all the stupid complications of my cancer, 5 of which had me a day from dead, Shingles gave the worst and the most lasting pain. Protect yourself from this at all cost.
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