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Originally Posted by ryanleegr View Post
Yeah. It was a lot of maybes. Lol. I think Iíve decided to keep the rockhopper as is and maybe upgrade the saddle/handlebars (that I can take with me to a new frame). Then when Iím feeling up to it, get the evasion or troll frame and build it up myself. Itís going to be my all rounder/bike packing rig, mostly off-road with patches of pavement. I have a road bike already so anything thatís going to be mostly road I can use that for. I like options XD. Iím leaning towards the troll. I like the evasion, I just donít think I can justify the 300 dollar price difference for it.
I can say, like NoControl, that the Troll is a nice riding, multi function bike, and as of 2017, they can take 3 inch tires no problem, front and back, and changed the rear dropout slightly for that "boost" capable aspect, as my understanding is so you can put in wider than 135mm wheelsets.
And yes, you could put that 300 bucks towards a wheelset or other parts or whatever.
I realize this is all a "maybe" in the future, but you could keep an eye out for a used troll, they are few and far between, but you never know, and if not in a rush, could at least keep up on checking for one.
If you dont need more than a 2.8 or whatever in the rear, an older Troll could still work, depending on what you want to do and need tires wise.

anyway, good rockhoppering again
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