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Originally Posted by Beobuck View Post
An elderly friend and I recently were hiking a multi-use open-space trail and in less than two hours we were nearly run down three times by mountain bikers who had to skid to a stop to avoid hitting us. None warned us with a bell. Pedestrians report itís a common problem. Cyclists need to mature from thinking bells are just for kidsí bikes. Modern bells are cheap, light weight, and many are kind of cool. I am a cyclist; all three of my bikes have bells. And even if you bike in remote areas, a bell is useful for alerting wildlife, such as bears.
Hmm. But not hit. They were coming from behind? Did you have ear buds in or not paying attention? Were you on a one way trail or a downhill one out of sight? A bell meaning it is jingling all the time or one you ring? How about you wear a bear bell, one that jingles all the time so you let others know? Mt biker/hiker/dog walker/bird watcher here. Maybe the sight lines need to be adjusted? Lots of hikers and mt bikers in the mix? Maybe take some personal responsibility on a multi use trail?
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