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Basic training concepts for Masters? "MOSTLY HARD"?

I recall back in the 90's when I was following training concepts more closely that word came down from VeloNews or somebody that Masters racers were likely going to be building programs around MANY FEWER easy hours. ...And that there was a basic way to stay race fit while holding down a job and raising kids. This basic concept was built around training about an hour day. That kind of limitation. Now, per my words just now this is not about "50-plus" training. I also recall it being built around "keeping your legs year round" and nearly all big-ring training, like 20mph-plus, even quite a bit higher. And including, as i vaguely recall, year-round weights. There was still periodizing and special missions for each day. But it was mostly hard or "definitely working at it" sessions of various kinds.

...And basically no place for a "month in the little ring in the spring" or for 4-hr little ring LSD outings.

Am I totally imagining all this? Was that a thing back then? Is it all different today, w watt-meters, Strava, Zwift and data?

I'd think the thing that hasn't changed is the "hour a day" limitation.

Is there now a really basic, non-customized fundamental notion for riders in their 30's, early-40's in this "time of life" situation? That is, a general concept that is totally OUT of the weeds. I understand that minutae can be a thing at any age. I'm not curious about that, but about this really broad concept that i recall from back then.
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