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Weights year round are considered a must for Masters especially because they start losing muscle mass without ability to replace it. However this may well be running over into the Over 50 zone, which is different from my OP Masters scenario.

My impression from both living and reading about the Over 50 scene is that we DO need year round weights FOR SURE. Also that even on an hour a day our ability to tolerate work loads is less. Our peaks are lower, less frequent and over quicker. We have to be careful and parse out our peaks for when we really want them.

My impression is that we are NO LONGER in the zone of "if you only have an hour, go hard."

...I haven't figured it out yet. But I sense it's getting trickier.

A month off, though, seems disaster. So as with younger Masters I think it's critical to MAINTAIN a high year round level.

At 58 I occasionally have month long wretched colds -- where I lose a lot of fitness that is very hard to reacquire. And I occasionally have the usual injuries nab me. And these also might know me out a month. But for a real injury where IMMOBILIZATION is involved, it nearly spells disaster. Getting back to my usual year round steady state is now nearly impossible. Like, in past few yrs I've broken an arm and a leg. These have been quick minor incidents but a month of immobility has meant DISASTROUS atrophy. My leg nearly disappeared! And it wasn't even casted! ARGH! Anyway it's what I'm dealing with now. But it's different from other Masters issues, I think. ...Specifically I mean YOUNG Masters.
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