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i was just interested in the most general outline of current best practice for old farts on a short leash.

i got a bit into the weeds w my secret detail tips for those pinning on numbers but that wasn't my interest in my OP. ...i'm wondering more about today's main rough outline.

i suppose i'm mostly wondering if for Masters on 5-7 hrs/week, if light easy outings simply don't have a place. LSD and the like. It kind of seems like HIIT is the thing. ...For keeping base zest and action. I find I can do a weights/calis routine about twice a week -- not really enough even to maintain but better than nothing.

At the same time, a walk around the block every night after dinner seems smart. : )

Hey, here's another thing: What about stretching and things like yoga for old-timers? ...ROI for high end fun? Personally, I feel like I have good ROM. Sufficient for what I want to do. No tendencies to tendon injuries. Indeed, I find that flexing/bending joints in ways that stress them causes discomfort w/o corresponding bounce-back benefit. So in recent years I've omitted all that and haven't noticed a downside.

another thing as I age, i do like being fit for specific events/action and I know how to add in those details, but even more i just want to be generally fit for life so i can do everything and not get hurt. i can tell if i just focused on bike fitness that my upper body wd disappear. then i'd be in trouble for yardwork and other life needs. so i'm a fan of all around weights and calisthenics.

i've lost a lot of pushup / chinup ability and my running sucks w/o special attention -- but all those things i mostly attribute to the dread extra 15 lbs i've acquired since losing my love of the road-ride burn.

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