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in addition to HIIT it seems that most will be using wattmeters and data to advantage to further dial in efforts for specific results.

since i dont have specific goals i find i just use HIIT. i haven't had a data-device on a bike in a decade. no time to process the data anyway. no time to install a device!

my specific goals are to not get dropped in fast group rides and to have fun in CX. havent found a device relevant.

...tho i'm starting to have higher expectations in CX. i think a device might help: i shd monitor fatigue w data and i shd train in what i find to be a good zone for me now. simple HR wd do it. i do have devices around here somewhere! i have no idea what my numbers might now be! i often dont even have the time to change clothes! i just grab a session as i can a few days/wk.

i used to have to be careful to avoid going too hard to avoid going under. lately i haven't had to. don't know why. maybe i'm no longer fit enough to go under! ha. that's not true: i can go hard enough to get confused in a CX race. but generally it's not a risk in most events like it used to be. i needed data to keep myself in check because my sensitivity wasn't enough. if i saw 190 in first mile of a race that was bad. 183 was nice. but i couldn't really feel the difference.

i find as i age that i can suffer more and go longer. but my power is way way down. i no longer have enuf muscle to hurt!

so far my approach has been simple: to enjoy fast group rides twice/wk, i need to go on fast group rides. to enjoy CX, i need to practice CX daily. ...and most of all i need to lose 15 lbs!

but maybe lots of old Masters w less than 7 hrs/wk are finding a wattmeter to be key? and maybe better than a HRM? i have no idea!
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