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Hey fellers, there's some really nice work in this thread! It seems to me that we have a real collection of utility DIY'ers here. I love the design ideas coming out here, like using a rear suspension triangle to extend a frame. Good stuff!

Considering the relative complexity of building a good frame, the popularity of the xtracycle concept, and the additional challenges posed by the longer wheelbase, the information in this thread is a very valuable resource and therefore I want to nominate it as a sticky.

I must admit that I've never been as big a fan of the xtracycle as some here, but this thread has really warmed me up to the idea. So much so that I have a couple of donor frames ready to go for my own version of the xtracycle..... or maybe it's just an excuse for another DIY project either way I'll hopefully have something usefull to contribute in the coming weeks. In the meantime I would encourage everyone to keep adding progress photos and information of your projects as they develop, especially tricky/fiddly stuff like cable routing, setting up rear brakes, drivetrain issues, chainline, ect.

Roughrider504, I love your work on that frame and really looking forward to seeing how your project turns out. Did you do the welding yourself? please tell us more about it as I think there may be some here that are interested in giving welding a go.

Kemmer, how on God's green earth do you ride that thing! seriously, is there a video on youtube? my head is going into meltdown thinking about it ...and speaking of wonky frames, how did y'all line everything up when building your frames? (assuming you don't have your own frame alignment jig)

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