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I rescued this 26" out of a dumpster a while back, it's my size so I hung on to it although it wasn't rideable. The wheels were taco'd, the bb bearings were unuseable, and a few sundry bits were missing. The lack of suspension fork and the rather beefy (heavy) steel frame makes it a good candidate for my first xtracycle-type conversion.

I have this girl's 24" bike that I also pulled from a dumpster. This thing is an x-mart piece of crapola but it's brand new! I swear it can't have more that a few miles on it, if that. Some of the components still had packing grease on them. Since nobody I know can use it I decided to use its components and rear triangle for my xtracycle project. Here you can see it layed out on the garage floor during one of my late night brainstorming sessions.

Of course this means that the final bike will have a 26" fron wheel and a 24" rear wheel..... I can live with that, I just have to remember to keep 2 different size spare innertubes in its repair kit.

Anyhow, I stripped them down and cut the rear triangle from the girl's bike. I cold set the rear triangle on the main frame so that the dropouts snugged up against the bottom bracket of the rear triangle.

That's where I'm at so far. At this stage I'm thinking of using some 1" square tubing to join the top of each of the seat posts to complete the triangulation of the frame, rather that from the bottom bracket of the main frame to the top of the rear triangle as is usually the case. You can see a piece of tube in roughly the position it will go.

I'm just a little concerned with the seat stay on the main frame interfering with the chain when in granny gear. If it is a problem I could just replace the stays with a single piece of square tube, but I think the stays would be a bit tortionally stiffer.
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