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It has been one official year of carfreedom for me. I didn't drive a single mile in a car in 2007. I've ridden every now and then. Even during this Christmas break, I refused to drive while in NoVA. It wasn't a goal I set out to accomplish either. I moved off campus in March to permanently live in Pcola during my remaining schooling.

Have my views changed? Definitely.
~Before, I wasn't conscious about the environment. I didn't care to think about oil and consumerism and all those fantastic topics we discuss on this forum. I was never truly aware of them. Now I read about this stuff daily.
~Before, I was studying biology because I liked how it all worked together. Now, I study Marine Biology with a conservation/ecology focus because I want to help preserve what little natural beauty is left.
~Before, I didn't mind eating whatever, whenever (I have a fast metabolism and am a rail). Now, I eat healthy, am almost fully vegetarian, and encourage others to treat their bodies correctly; even at a young age when some think it won't matter.

I also find myself choosing friends differently.

One thing that hasn't changed is my desire to travel, in any form, and wanderlust.
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