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I've been car free for about 4 months now, my car broke down and I sold it. But that was my first car, and had it for about a year and a half. Other than that, I've pretty much used public transportation or walked about 6 years. I just bought a bike and want to start mountain bike riding because I've pretty much accepted that I'm in no rush to get a car. but when I really think about it, not having a car has more pros than cons for me personally. I get my exercise, in better shape, and I'm usually on time wherever I need to go because I have to make sure that I catch the bus on time. And another thing, I am saving so much money! I'm not even worried about getting a car now. I was able to get a nice bike because I'm not putting everything into gas, insurance and maintenance. Plus I get to read on the bus, and I'm used to it, so I don't mind.
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