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My path to car freedom has taken about 7 years to materialize. In the beginning, I was your typical 295lbs couch potato. My definition of exercise was going upstairs from the rec room to get a new bag of chips and Coke.

After my divorce, the lights turned on. I then realized that I was on the path to a short life unless I changed things drastically. I dusted off my old Karhu cross-country skis and got moving (it was Winter in Montreal then). That following summer, I wondered one day what it would be like to bike to work. Not having had a bike of my own, I borrowed my daughter's MTB, walked over to a service station to inflate the tires and proceeded one Sunday afternoon to do the 6 or so miles (9 km) trek to the office and then back. Although I was sore all over, I figured I could pull off doing that trek at least once a week.

Well, to make a long story short, this year I bacame a full time cycling commuter, travelling around 25 miles morning and afternoon to and from work, five days a week. Last May, when the lease contract came to en end on my Kia Sorento SUV (yes, I admit it... I was a SUV owner on top of everything else) I turned the thing in...

I went from weighing 295lbs (32% body fat) to 205lbs today (20% body fat). When mid-November snow forced the bike into storage, I had pedalled 4,300 miles (6,875km ) in the year. Nowadays, I take the metro and bus to work, dreaming on one hand about more sunny cycling days ahead, and wondering if I should go the extra length and become a Winter cyclist...

All that at 50 years of age...

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